Nortex Fire Systems

NORTEX FIRE EQUIPMENT CO.PVT.LTD. was formed in 1992. Today, NORTEX FIRE is one of the leading company dealing with fire detection & extinguishing systems for use in Industrial, Commercial & residential sector. The activities of NORTEX FIRE are covering total Fire fighting Packages.


  • To provide customer satisfaction by providing high performance solution aimed at enhancing security needs of the customer
  • To develop and maintain the company's commitment to excellence through continuous improvement, interaction with user and technological up gradation
  • To continuously enhance quality and service standards with the ultimate aim of reducing systems down time and attending maintenance problem with speed and to the complete satisfaction of customers
  • To create a sense of responsibility amongst all members of the organization and optimize utilization of resources
  • To provide advanced and efficient systems to its personnel with the view to improve their efficiency and increase awareness of customer needs
  • To widen our services network and continuously upgrade the capability of its personnel through continuous training and exposure to new technology
  • To expand our scope of operation and constantly look towards reinforcing our strength in existing and newer avenues

The Future is Integration:

Technology is fast breaking barriers, Communication has heighted the level of accessibility. Every passing day the world demands better solutions, more convenience, expandability and greater value. We are moving towards an era of Integration, where key systems or networks would not work in isolation, Rather, They will all come together as competent branches of a unified whole to lend twenty first century business an unmatched degree of control over multiple locations, irrespective of factors like time and distance.

After Sales Service:

By its very nature of fire protection system may only have to work once in its lifetime, perhaps years after its installation. We give maximum of importance in educating / training clients to make them aware of the importance of keeping the installed system in perfect condition at the all times. If the clients do not have necessary infrastructure to maintain the system them, and then we always undertake an annual maintenance contract for the system installed. A format of the service contract form can be made available to you on request.