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Conventional Fire Alarm system

Conventional Fire Alarm systems provide adequate protection to offices, nurseries, hotels, warehouses and shops

Conventional Fire Alarm System

How conventional fire alarm systems work

A conventional fire alarm system has detection zones which are connected to a number of automatic fire detectors (AFDs) such as heat or smoke detectors and break glass units across the building. If the system detects a fire then an LED will light up on the detector and on the relevant zone on the main control panel so you can clearly see the area the fire is in. The control panel will then operate the warning sounders or sounder beacons which are usually on a separate circuit. Conventional fire systems start from single zone systems all way up to 32 zone systems.

Addressable Fire Alarm System

Addressable Fire Alarm System

Addressable fire alarm systems transmit data over the detection circuit which provides you with detailed information. The main advantage of an addressable fire system over a normal conventional system is that each detector has an individual identification number and this number will then be assigned an address

By having a detector with its own address, any fire or fault can be quickly identified by your staff and the fire brigade, allowing people to escape via the safest route. Another advantage is that the parameters of each detector can be set from the main panel. This means the sensitivity of the detector can be programmed to the times it operates and also what it operate.

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