Nortex Fire Systems

Nortex fire equipment co. pvt. Ltd., was formed in 1992. Today, Nortex fire is one of the leading company dealing with fire detection & extinguishing systems for use in industrial, commercial & residential sectors. The activities of Nortex fire are covering total fire fighting packages.

  • Analysis and evaluation of your FIRE risk
  • Design to 'NORTEX FIRE' protection systems, tailor made to your needs
  • Supply, installation and commissioning
  • Training of your staff in operation of systems
  • Ongoing support and service through maintenance and spares

Nortex fire holds a prime position in the fire fighting field by virtue of :-

  • Base technical base
  • Firm and continuous presence in the market from planning to installation and maintenance
  • Absolute competence for every type of installation with employment of every type of extinguishing media. (Water, Co2, Foam and dry powders)

Each risk is carefully evaluated by a team of experts and a complete system is purposefully designed and engineered to match the risk. We undertake TURNKEY PROJECTS including designing, supply, installation and commissioning of following types of systems:

  • Fire Detection Alarm System
  • Fire Hydrant system & wet risers
  • Medium and high velocity water spray
  • Sprinklers system
  • Foam
  • Co2
  • FM 200
  • Special hazard projection
  • Fine water mist system